Battle for Supremacy Dew Hut Jam TV

October 5, 2009

Battle For Supremacy Results

February 11, 2009


The Setup

The Mountain Dew Battle for Supremacy went off tap on Saturday 7 February 2009, with the youngest competitor in the 20 person invite-only field taking home the title. 

The Aussie and Kiwi-only contest at Monster Skatepark at Sydney Olympic Park starred seasoned Aussie favorites such as Chima Ferguson, Lewis Marnell, Jake Duncombe, Shane O’Neill and 16 other Aussie terrorisors. 

Lewis enjoying the fans


Chima Ferguson is happy



Jamie Thomas showed up  to eye off the talent

Despite 40-plus degree temperatures that buckled the railway tracks leading to Monster, the intense heat didn’t slow down the crew, eager to take a share of the $21,500 prize money and the $7000 first place prize in particular. 

Led by head judge Sasher Steinhorst from the World Cup of Skateboarding, judges Andrew Currie, Slam’s Trent Fahey and German shredder Juergen Horrwarth had their work cut out from the start, with the rider-friendly jam format.  

The closeness of the field made the judging task even tougher, before coming to a Semi Finals line up of Shane Azar, Pat Dandy, Corbin Harris, Jeff “Skunk” Williams, Jack Fardell, Tommy Fynn, Jackson Pilz, Lewis Marnell, Shane O’Neill, Dane Burman and the ever-destroying and insanely consistent Kieran Reilly. 

Jake Duncombe, backside Noseblunt, the rainbow block



Tommy Fynn, Switch K Grind


Bryce Golder, Crailslide

Jack Fardell, 180 Nosegrind


Jeff Williams, Cab Back Lip

The final went through the roof, with the top 5 riders battling it out in an eight minutue, hardcore jam with not one skater bailing during the first minute. Jeff Williams cab back lipped the rail, Fardell smashed the course, Tommy Fynn threw down a ballistic flip nosegrind, in what appeared to be slow motion over the box and Bryce Golder went to town with crailslide fakies over the rainbow block and takedown speeds.  

Spectators get an overhead of Kieren’s Bluntslide

Renton Millar for FuelTV

Then, there was the Kieran Reilly show! Reilly smashed it at every stage of the competition and was almost untouchable. From frontside nosegrinds on the vert wall to ollie over the box to back smith on the rail, he was too gnarly for the rest of the field and walked away with the $7,000 prize money in a Kieran Reilly whitewash.



Kieren reigns supreme!

After the street, the comp moved outside to the mini and a session dominated by Jeff Williams (first) Corbin Harris (second) and Jack Fardell (third), before rounding off a sensational day of skating with a quick vert demo by Renton Millar, Juergen Horrwarth and Nathan Beck on the massive Monster ramp.

Skunk flip indy fakie on the mini to first place!


Renton Millar, Backside Ollie on the vert ramp

The Mountain Dew Battle for Supremacy was great weekend for Australian and NZ skateboarding. Thanks to Mountain Dew, Slam, FuelTV, World Cup of Skateboarding, and all that helped make it happen and did their bit to make Australian skateboarding a little bit better.

Hopefully see you next year to do it again and keep your eyes out for the coverage on FuelTV!

Renton Millar


Street Results

Kieran Reilly     $7000 

Jack Fardell      $3000 

Tom Fynn         $1500 

Jeff Williams     $1200 

Bryce Golder    $1000 

Shane O’Neil     $700 

Corbin Harris    $600 

Shane Azar       $500 

Pat Dandy        $400 

Dane Burman  $300 

Lewis Marnell travel allowance 

Jackson Pilz   travel allowance 


Mini Results

1. Jeff Williams $500

2. Corbin Harris $300

3  Jack Fardell $200