Stop 6 – SA (Adelaide)


SbA Dew Series STOP 6 – Adelaide, SA

Stop 6 of the SbA Dew Series presented by SKATE 2 landed in the biggest city based skate park in the country. Adelaide City Skate Park situated on North Terrace in the CBD played host to the South Australian leg of the tour. The City Park is an amazing breading ground to great Australian talent, mainly due to the parks huge array variety and size some of which includes Bowls, Ledges, Hubbas, Manual Pads & 10 stair.


Monkey (Daniel Cenneraizzo) Going Ape Down the 9 Stair

The massive size of the park and obstacles could have proved very daunting for the smaller grommets in the 14’s & Under Division but they all had a solid crack at qualifying for the Dew Series Final in Sydney. 2008 champion Cailean Holland (Birkenhead, SA) was again the kid to beat with a sweet display of skills throughout the days landing almost all attempts down the 9 stair including a Crail down the 9. Andy Nicholls (Evanstone Park, SA) showed a liking to the 9 stair with a huge 180 down them first go and eventually kick flipped it to flat. The Remaining finalist Tim, Jay, Jawden & Connor all skated well in the heats but couldn’t lock it all in during the final.

14’s and Under

1st Place – Cailean Holland

2nd Place – Andy Nicholls

3rd Place – Tim Griffiths

4th Place – Jay Runciman

5th Place – Jawden Doviak

6th Place – Connor Bartle


Boardslide Down the 10 Stair

The 17’s & Under Boys Final included eight after a hard round of qualifying which include a good number of older riders. This one was super close throughout and had a feverish pace to it, Brett Young (Golden Grove, SA) managed first place just edging out Daniel Cenneriazzo (Gilles Plains, SA), Josh Morrell (Kiohan Park, SA) & Dylan Ravet (Modbury Heights, SA). Brett destroyed the 9 stair all day racking up a huge variety of tricks which included backside blunt, back 50-50, switch kick flip and a nice front 5-0 down the rail.

Daniel rolled away from a back 50-50 and back 5-0 down the ledge. Josh blew up with a front nose grind and a front board down the rail. It was defiantly the best 17’s final seen to date in the country. The Adelaide boys will be out for a similar display at the Monster Final.

17 and Under

1st Place – Brett Young

2nd Place – Daniel Cenneriazzo

3rd Place -Josh Morrell

4th Place – Dylan Ravet

5th Place – Angus Thomas

6th Place – Liam Custance

The South Australian round say three outstanding skaters in Jennifer, Maddison & Cel. The girls all had huge smiles on their faces at the end of the round with Jennifer taking first spot again in 2009. Jen ollied the 9 stair along with a no comply out of the quarter. Madison had her bowl skills on dial and thru down some 180 hand-plants in the deep end.


1st Place – Jennifer Oakes

2nd Place – Madison Hay

3rd Place – Celestina Dona


Brett Young – 5-0 Down the 9 Stair

Four sponsored riders hung around in the scorching hot conditions to wrap the day up. The 10 minute jam kept the good vibe and crowd entertained late in the afternoon. Justin Edwards (Pt Noarlunga South, SA)Tyler Czora (Clare, SA) were the guys the beat showing the can match it with the other qualified finalist from around the country.

Justin was killing the session, smoking some back lip nollie 5050 down the ten stair rail. Tyler took on the 9 stair with a smooth nose blunt and back 5050 on the legde.


1st Place – Justin Edwards

2nd Place – Tyler Czora

3rd Place – Henry Harding

4th Place – Jacob Hendryx


Rail Attack Down The 10 Stair

A huge thanks need to go out to all the young skaters that entered and travelled a long way to be involved in the event. Thanks also need to go to the Adelaide City Council Staff & Volunteers, Daily Grind for their great support of skateboarding in South Australia. A huge cheers also needs to go to the series sponsors that managed to make the days of many young skaters- Mountain Dew, SKATE 2, KR3W, Supra, Bern, Sabre, Kewday & Bico Thank you.

Stay tuned to the Media Centre for all the images and we hope to see all the South Australian finalists out at the Monster Skate Park for the National Final on the 21st of March.

SBA Dew Series Adelaide Flyer

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