Stop 5 – QLD (SE QLD)

 SbA Dew Series STOP 5 – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Queensland Rules

Images – Raymond Schukraft –

Stop 5 of the SbA Dew Series presented by SKATE 2 landed us on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. As per usually this is one of the biggest stops on the tour with some grommets flying over 1000km from Proserpine in the North to be a part of the action. Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Regional Councils strong support of skateboarding this is the third straight year we have hosted Queensland’s qualifying leg in the skate mad region.


2009 saw a return to Alexander Headlands Skatepark and what has been to date the largest event of the series. By 10:30 we had sixty skaters had registered setting the stage for a huge day of mayhem. Thankfully the weather gods were on our side this time round offering a beautiful day out and a lovely sea breeze to chill the rampaging pack.

With forty frothers registered in the 14’s & under section it was going to be a hard job for the judges to find six kids to represent Queensland’s charge at Dew Series National Final. This was without a doubt the toughest assignment of the day for the judges and the six qualified finalists will be really leading the charge when the roll into Sydney.


There was one stand of for the Division though and it was eventual winner Jeriah Chilly (Nambour, QLD)  Jeriah slashed up the entire park during the heats, semis and the final. His skating was super smooth and his lines some off the best all day, including the sponsored division. Jeriah was also one of the very few 14’s to take on the 8 foot half pipe that is Alex Skateparks feature piece.


Second to sixth place was super close with any one of the finalist having the chance to claim the second placing. Mitchell Howse (Scarborough, QLD) took out second spot just ahead of competition mad Trent Riley (Caboolture, QLD). Zac, Ash & Levi all showed glimpses throughout the day but didn’t have it on lock for the final.sba_sc_004

Mitch Howse – nollie nosegrind

14s & Under Boys Results
1st Place – Jeriah Chilly
2nd Place – Mitchell Howse
3rd Place – Trent Riley
4th Place – Levi Williams
5th Place – Ash Linarken
6th Place – Zac Schwitter


14’S & Under Finalists

Sole female skater Courtney Wilshere (Wolvi, QLD) took to the park and booked he self a spot to the Final being held at Monster Skatepark. Courtney cruised around the park showing her local lines and collected some awesome prizes for her efforts.

17’s & Under Girls

1st Place – Courtney Wilshere


Courtney Wilshere – Ollie to flat

By the time the 17’s & under boys division rolled around the crowd had swelled to around 400 onlookers and the Mountain Dew Jeep was the place to be chilling. By the end of the day over 1500 cans had been finished and more would have been downed if they hadn’t been raided by the army of skaters.


Yes Please – We need more DEW

Kain Gilgen (Maroochydore, QLD) finished sixth on the final for the 17’s & under but he landed a stylish airwalk over the centre box. Cody Sheppard (Little Mountain, QLD) took first place by 360 flipping the six set & Marcus Warren (Calounrda, QLD) managed second busting a huge mellon out of the mini.


Kain Gilgen – Airwalk

17’s & Under Boys Results

1st Place – Cody Sheppard
2nd Place – Marcus Warren
3rd Place – Joel Wilshere
4th Place – Brody Bower
5th Place – Marshall Harrison
6th Place – Kain Gilgen


17’s & Under Boys Finalists

Final call for the day was the 17’s and Under Sponsored Division. The six sponsored riders all booked a ticket to March’s Dew Series Final and look strong competition for the already qualified finalist. Jesse Schilkins (Deception Bay, QLD) took first spot with unrivaled speed and flat out attack on the park, Jesse though in some huge punts over the box along with a Front Smith & Frontside Indy.

Henri Foot (Maroochydore, QLD) finished third landed a few stylish Switch Heel flips & a Nollie Big Spin down the six set. Jonny Matthew (Gold Coast, QLD) took out second spot kick flipping over the box and boosting a clean benihana.


Jesse Schulkins

17’s & Under Sponsored Boys

1st Place – Jesse Schulkins
2nd Place – Johnny Matthew
3rd Place – Henri Foot
4th Place – Ash Jarvis
5th Place – Brenton Marchetti
6th Place – Tristan Maber


17 Years & Under Sponsored Division



SBA Sunshine Coast Flyer

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