Stop 4 – NSW (Sydney)

NSW Skaters Continue Charge to Retain National Titles

Galston Skate Park, Sydney, NSW.



Kieran Reilly

SbA Dew Series presented by SKATE 2 STOP 4, stopping in at the new Galston Skate Park Saturday 31/1/09. Skate friendly Hornsby Shire Council opened yet another new skate park in late 2008 and the Dew Series was lucky enough to host the first event at the facility.

Skaters from as far away as the Central Coast and Cronulla trekked to the north west of Sydney for this event.  Yet another scorching day greeted the young renegades and the 14’s & Under Boys division kicked off the day with a great display of sportsmanship.

New South Wales skater currently own three out of the possible four National titles and the quality definably showed again with 17 grommets qualifying for the National Final at Monster Skate Park in March.

Laith Moore (Killarney Vale, NSW) at just 4 years of age showed absolutely no fear when competing against kids almost ten years his senior. Little Laith was just as tall as hid deck but still managed to show he has a bright future in skateboarding if he continues, he already drops in on everything and even lands a few mini ollies.


Ollie to Flat – Lachlan Abbot

Once again the 14 Years & Under Division proved the toughest to decide a winner with the grommets already throwing down some sweet tricks. Dan Brown (Penrith, NSW) took the win with a Front Lip & Front 50/50 down the rail. 

Zane Westwood (Pennant Hills, NSW) Kick-Flipped, Front Shoveit & Bennihana’d down the six stack to claim 2nd spot just ahead of Lachlan Abbott (Dural, NSW) who was one of a few to take on the bowl. Lachlan showed some smooth styled 5’0 in the deep end of the bowl.

14’s & Under Boys

1st Place – Dan Brown
2nd Place – Zane Westwood
3rd  Place – Lachlan Abbott
4th Place – Matthew Robin
5th Place – Jake Turner
6th Place – Ty Barnes

Beth Whitaker & Bec Andrews where to two girls who qualified for the March’s National Final. Bec to a massive slam at the start of her run but managed to dust herself off and take the win. Beth landed a nice Ollie to flat from the edge of the bowl.

17’s & Under Girls

1st Place – Bec Andrews
2nd Place – Beth Whitaker

With the temperate reaching 33 degrees by lunch time a decision was made to call an extended lunch and allow the 17’s & Under Boys to have a swim in the nearby Galston Pool.


Judges Keeping Hydrated

Once we resumed a two way skate off between Anthony Bull (MacMasters, NSW) & local boy Angus Diekman (Galston, NSW) keep the growing crowd stoked with some fast pace attacks on the quarter and carving lines in the bowl.

Anthony managed to sneak a win over the Galston local with some lengthy tail slides in the bowl and a nice Frontside Air in the deep end. Angus showed us a Front Smith down the centre rail.

17’s & Under Boys

 1st Place – Anthony Bull
2nd Place – Angus Diekman
3rd Place – Pat Chapman
4th Place – Julian Shulz
5th Place – Max Jacobs
6th Place – Patrick O’Brien

The crowd, judges and fellow skaters come to watch one man at the end of the day. Kieran Reilly (Kempsey, NSW) fresh of a DC tour in America dropped in for the contest and had a good session down the six set with fellow sponsored riders Ryder Lawson (Cronulla, NSW) & David Pearce (Tuggarah, NSW)


17’s & Under Sponsored – David Pearce


Kieran Reilly – 50-50

The session rotated between the hubba and rail, with Kieran really through down a huge variety of smooth grinds on both obstacles. Kieran signed his win with a massive bennihana at the end of the day, just a little too good for young Ryder Lawson & the Central Coast’s David Pearce.

17’s & Under Sponsored – David Pearce


17’s & Under Boys Sponsored

1st Place – Kieran Reilly
2nd Place – Ryder Lawson
3rd Place – David Pearce


A huge thanks need to go out to all the young skaters that entered and travelled a long way to be involved in the event. Thanks also need to go to Dana at Hornsby Shire Council for their great support of skateboarding in the region. A huge cheers also needs to go to the series sponsors that managed to make the days of many young skaters-  Mountain Dew, SKATE 2, KR3W, Supra, Bern, Sabre, Kewday & Bico Thank you.



Stay tuned to the Media Centre for all the images and we hope to see all the Sydney finalists out at the Monster Skate Park for the National Final on the 21st of March.

Till then have a great day and we roll into Queensland, Sunshine Coast for stop 5 of the series.



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