Stop 3 – VIC (Melbourne)

SbA Dew Series presented by SKATE 2 – Melbourne
Riverslide Wrap
Event Three of the 2008/09 SbA Dew Series moved back onto the mainland Australia. Riverslide Skatepark again played host the Victorian leg (January 14th) and once again Melbourne turned on 30 plus degrees for the day.
A delayed start time to ensure the temperatures dropped allow the grommets who travelled several hours to be involved a chance to lock in some lines and get a feel for life in the city.
Once the action got underway late in the afternoon a nice southerly change had swung through town and skating was again an option. The biggest event stop of the series so far saw finalist from as far away as Queensland win a converted start in March’s DEW Series Final.
14’s & Under once again had the largest number of kids looking to win a golden ticket to Sydney. A super close battle in the final made the judge’s work hard to find the final the placing from 1st to 6th.
It was however a win to Harley Powell and one that managed to keep the 14’s Division Title remain in Victoria. New South Walshman, Jai Stork made the 3 hour drive south from just across the border in Albury to take home second spot with some huge airs over the ski ramp.

Jordan Daniels & Teekin Edwards had some solid tricks laned in the heats but couldn’t replicate those in the final. Harley and Jai look like a huge threat to the other qualified 14’s in March’s Final.
U14 Boys
1st Harley Powell
2nd Jai Stork
3rd Jordan Daniels
4th Teekin Edwards
5th Jonathon Schwan
6th Kyle Muir
14’s & Under Finalists
Once the park cleared and the 17’s & under started to warm up the temperature had finally relented dropping below 30 degrees for the first time in days. The DEW team had handed out hundreds of cans before the day was even half over.
Jake (Paterson), James (Guida) & Jake (Carmichael) all cruised thru to the final with some solid attacks on the big rail.  Dale McDermott took control of the end bowl sections and showed some sweet blunt to fakies & a few large airs over the corner hip.
Jake Paterson (Kings Park) however took the win with some nice 50/50’s on the biggest rail in the park.

U17 Boys
1st – Jake Paterson
2nd – Dale McDermott
3rd – James Guida
4th – Thomas Martin
5th – Brendon Smith
6th – Jake Carmichael

17’s & Under Boys Finalists
Perfect skate conditions greeted the twilight session for the sponsored skaters. The whole park was under fire from the start and Anthony Davie (Corio, Vic) was mach 10 from the beginning. Davie defiantly showed his one of the Best 17 & Under Sponsored skaters in the country with an insane display of smooth skills, wide variety of tricks and landing everything in his runs.
Davie kept the title held in Victoria and did the state proud buy edging out Rylan McNeil (Deniliquin, NSW) & Lance Patterson (Highett, Victoria). Rylan made the big step up to the sponsored division this year and was defiantly going the biggest down the centre rail.
Rylan McNeil Boardslide
Nathan Hattan (Springwood, QLD) took the award for furthest travelled coming all the way from Brisbane in QLD. Let’s hope all the sponsored finalists make the trip to Sydney’s Final in an attempt to win some of the $1500 cash on offer.
17’s & Under SPONSORED
1st – Anthony Davie
2nd – Rylan McNeil
3rd – Lance Patterson
4th – Christopher Craig
5th – Nathan Hattan
6th – Bradley Saunders

17’s & Under Boys Sponsored Finalists-

A huge thanks need to go out to all the young skaters that entered and travelled a long way to be involved in the event. Thanks also need to go to Riverslide Skatepark, along with the series sponsors that managed to make the days of many young skaters-  Mountain Dew, SKATE 2, KR3W, Supra, Bern, Sabre, Kewday & Bico Thank you.


Stay tuned to the Media Centre for all the images and we hope to see all the Melbourne finalists out at the Monster Skate Park for the National Final on the 21st of March.
Girl where have you been hiding come have a skate…….We hope to see you in Sydney!!!!
SBA Dew Series Melbourne Flyer

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