The Battle For Supremacy – Dew Hut Jam will air on Fuel TV in Australia October 5 and 7, 2009

September 30, 2009

The Battle For Supremacy snowboarding event was a new concept for 2009 and included building an entire house on the snow at Mt Buller that could be jibbed, jumped and generally shredded by the invited riders.

The event was an all-Australian affair with 10 pro teams battling head to head for the chance to win one of the biggest prize pools on the snowboarding competition circuit this year.

Air times on FUEL TV
12pm Monday 5th October, 2009 & 1:30pm Wednesday 7th October, 2009

Teams and riders in the Battle For Supremacy include:
1. Forum Snowboards (Alex Kutaysov & Mitch Williams)
2. K2 Snowboards (Robbie Walker & Andy Lloyd)
3. Burton Snowboards (Tom Pelley & Jye Kearney)
4. Ride Snowboards (Kieran McLaughlan & Dan Bussetti)
5. Quiksilver (Nathan Perry, Tim Laidlaw)
6. 3CS (Gus St Leon, Matt Galina)
7. Nitro Snowboards (Darragh Walsh, Jarryd Williams)
8. Rome Snowboards (Tyson Pollard, Cohen Davies)
9. DC (Mikey Williams, Charles Beckinsale)?
10. Capita Snowboards (Matt Sedunary, Steve Tognazzini)

For all you guys that miss out on seeing the Dew Hut Jam on Fuel TV we will post the segments here after the weekend!