Dew Hut Jam Start List Confirmed

The Battle For Supremacy (Dew Hut Jam) is only just over a week away. The event is going to be one insane night of fun and mayhem at Mt Buller. Not only is the event giving the largest prize pool of cash away for a jib event ever seen in OZ, but also there’s the free after party with an incredible music line up (more on that later).

The final invited pro-teams are locked in and riders confirmed. The biggest change is that Skull Candy team has pulled out and Quiksilver is now in. They have a strong team with NSW rider Nate Perry and youngster Tim Laidlaw. DC has also mixed up their team with the absence of Ryan Tiene who has a prior engagement with “Kuta Buga” in Bali and won’t be at the event. DC are now rocking Charles Beckinsale and Mt Buller local king Mikey Williams. They’ll be hard to beat!

Here is the start list:

1. Forum Snowboards (Alex Kutaysov& Mitch Williams)

2. K2 Snowboards (Robbie Walker & Andy Lloyd)

3. Burton Snowboards (Tom Pelley & Jye Kearney)

4. Ride Snowboards (Kieran McLaughlan & Dan Bussetti)

5. Quiksilver (Nathan Perry, Tim Laidlaw)

6. 3CS (Gus St Leon, Jason Currie)

7. Nitro Snowboards (Darragh Walsh, Jarryd Williams)

8. Rome Snowboards (Tyson Pollard, Cohen Davies)

9. DC (Mikey Williams, Charles Beckinsale)

10. Capita Snowboards (Matt Sedunary, Steve Togazzine)

The Mt Dew Hut is on it’s way up to Mt Buller from its creation station in Sydney – it’ll be getting put into place on Bourke Street from Tuesday next week, so go have a look if you’re up there, it will be looking very out of place.

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