BMX Games 2009 – Melbourne


This year the BMX Games 09 has moved south down to Melbourne Docklands. This competition, which is made up of 3 separate disciplines, attracts the best extreme athletes from across the world.  All will be battling it out for a mountain load of cash!

The 3 day event kicks off at Melbourne Docklands at Waterfront city and Central Pier over the Australia Day weekend, 24th to the 26th of January’09.  1st off is the Haro Bikes street/park on the Saturday and finals on Sunday, On the evening of the 25th at Waterfront City Piazza you will see the Foot Locker Flatland Battle, with the best flatlanders in the world working their magic to some of Melbourne’s best DJ’s.  The 26th ,and the most exciting event of the weekend, the BackBones BMX King of Dirt, with riders testing the limits by  jumping the biggest dirt jumps Australia has ever seen.  This is Australia’s biggest Freestyle BMX event and if it was ever a time to come check BMX out this is it. Pro riders such at Ryan Guettler, Cam White, Steve Mc Cann , Terry Adams, Dave Dillewaard  and many more will be there.  So if you want to see some of the hottest extreme action this summer and rub shoulders with the world’s best in BMX, make your way down to the Docklands Australia Day weekend.

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