Batteries Not Included

January 28, 2009


Curated by Joseph Allen and Malcolm Smith

Ben Barretto
Martin Bell
The Changes
Marley Dawson
Ross Manning
Spat + Loogie
Paul Winkler
& Jonathan Zawada

Environments that encourage experimentation and risk-taking are often where the most interesting new ideas can be found. In these spaces, unlikely unions produce curious crossbreeds that defy easy classification.

Batteries Not Included at the Australian Centre for Photography presents the work of 12 artists investigating the hybrid offspring of photomedia; splicing photography with performance, reanimating found images or mechanising the moving image.

With backgrounds and influences as diverse as fashion, street culture, education, new and old technologies and telemarketing, the artists in this exhibition come from the fringes of contemporary visual art practice. With their appetite for risk-taking, experimentalism and disregard of convention, this selection of artists combines the fresh and energetic work of emerging artists with the ground-breaking work of legendary avant guard filmmaker Paul Winkler.

29th of January 2009
6 – 8pm
Including performances by Jeff Burch & Max Doyle and Ross Manning



****The show runs till 7th March****

Special thanks to Asahi, FBI and of course the Australian Centre for Photography.

Michael Corridore’s ANGRY BLACK SNAKE and

Full Invite below:


SBA Dew Series – Stop 2 Tassie

January 23, 2009

SbA Dew Series presented by SKATE 2 – Hobart
Tropical Island Style
Round two of the 2008/09 SbA Dew Series landed in the apple isle over the weekend (January 10th), with Hobart putting on perfect skate conditions for all to enjoy.
For the second straight year the Taswegian junior skate crew returned to the Hobart EC Skatepark.  Thanks to the great support from Jimmy at Jimmy Street & Skate along with the team from Hobart Council (Youth Division) we had more than double the numbers from the previous year with a quarter of the field traveling the distance from Launceston to be involved.
The mix of fresh face made life tough for defending 14’s & Under Boys champion and Hobart local Ben Priseman . Particular cause from concern was the pint sized Cody Walters who made the 2 hour journey south from Laun. Cody may have been small in stature but he quickly showed he was a contender with an Ollie fresh off the bat down the 8 set.
Slow to start was the defending champion but he soon awoke from his slumber his some strong support from his local posse. Ben signaled he was alive and well with a Blunt Big Spin In on the quarter and few smooth attacks on the feature rail. Other mentions need to go to Mark Rosendale, Luke Russell & Dylan Giffard who all showed they weren’t far of the mark.
Let’s hope we see a return battle with all the 14’s for the National Final in Sydney.
SBA Hobart 01
14’s & Under Finalists
A step up size and still was the order for the 17’s & Under with familiar faces destroying the rail during the final. 2008 finalist Josh O’Brian Brad Jones, Cale Hodson, Nick Simpson all make the 2009 final along with Sean Wright & Peter Kokavesis.
SBA Hobart 02

Peter Kokavesis
The jam session to conclude the final was of a frantic pace, dividing the winner from 6th was a massive Kick Flip Suski Grind on the rail by Brad Jones. Brad on better his place in 2008 by taking the win from Cale Hodson and Launceston skater Peter Kokavesis. It was by far the best 17’s and Under final seen around the country in a long time.
SBA Hobart 03

17’s & Under Boys Finalists
Sole female representative and outride champion was Torri Paton. Torri showed that she wouldn’t have been far out of place in the boys division with some sweet Ollie to flat from the centre ski ramp and a smooth looking run in the bowl section of the park.
We really hope T makes the trip to Sydney as she will go very close to landing top spot in the country.
SBA Hobart 04
17’s & Under Winner – Torri Paton

Three was the number in the Sponsored division Christian Reiper, Levi Adams, Josh Smith all layed down the local law by smashing the local lines and show the crowd why they get free shyte. The ever so casual Christian was the repeat winner in again 09, never stepping off all day and a combination of tricks on lock was the difference. The punters could have watched his Front Blunts all day
SBA Hobart 05
17’s & Under Sponsored

SBA Hobart 06
Christian Reiper getting the judges attention – Blunt on the table extension
A huge thanks need to go out to all the young skaters that entered and travelled a long way to be involved in the event. Thanks also need to go to Hobart City Council and Jimmy’s Street & Skate for their great support of skateboarding in Hobart. A huge cheers also needs to go to the series sponsors that managed to make the days of many young skaters-  Mountain Dew, SKATE 2, KR3W, Supra, Bern, Sabre, Kewday & Bico Thank you.

Stay tuned to the Media Centre for all the images and we hope to see all the Tasmanian finalists out at the Monster Skate Park for the National Final on the 21st of March.
Till then have a great Australia Day and we hope to see you in Sydney!!!

Australian Pro Tour Of Wakeboarding

January 23, 2009


With almost all Pro Mens entry spots already filled, the 2009 series is promising to be the hottest competition seen on Australian soil in years!

Veteran Tour riders such as Brad Smeele and Harley Clifford will be up against former champs such as Jeff Weatherall and Daniel Watkins, not to mention current reigning champ Dean Smith. And if the competition isn’t hot enough for you with these big names battling it out for the title, add to the mix American riders Trevor Hansen and Cory Bradley. This will be one hell of a competition and none of these riders will be going down without a fight! Jeff Weatherall has already stated that he WILL be taking back the crown and be showing no mercy.

With over $30 000 up for grabs in cash and prizes and the brand new 2009 Air Nautique 210 as the official tow boat, the 2009 season promises to be huge!

This is the 7th year the tour has been running in Australia and the third year that it will be towed by an Air Nautique boat. The tour stops will be varied this year as well, with at least one stop being an obstacle free event promoting an all-round rider to take on the champs crown. Australia’s own Dean Smith has taken out the honours for the past two years following Kiwi Jeff Weatherall’s victory in 2006 and Daniel Watkins reign for the previous 3 years running. With the level of riding in Australia at an all time high – it is anyone’s game in 2009.

Round 1: 25 – 26th Jan Penrith Regatta centre, NSW

Round 2: 31 – 1st Feb Stoney Park, NSW

Round 3: 6 – 7th Feb Nudgee Brisbane, QLD

BMX Games 2009 – Melbourne

January 23, 2009


This year the BMX Games 09 has moved south down to Melbourne Docklands. This competition, which is made up of 3 separate disciplines, attracts the best extreme athletes from across the world.  All will be battling it out for a mountain load of cash!

The 3 day event kicks off at Melbourne Docklands at Waterfront city and Central Pier over the Australia Day weekend, 24th to the 26th of January’09.  1st off is the Haro Bikes street/park on the Saturday and finals on Sunday, On the evening of the 25th at Waterfront City Piazza you will see the Foot Locker Flatland Battle, with the best flatlanders in the world working their magic to some of Melbourne’s best DJ’s.  The 26th ,and the most exciting event of the weekend, the BackBones BMX King of Dirt, with riders testing the limits by  jumping the biggest dirt jumps Australia has ever seen.  This is Australia’s biggest Freestyle BMX event and if it was ever a time to come check BMX out this is it. Pro riders such at Ryan Guettler, Cam White, Steve Mc Cann , Terry Adams, Dave Dillewaard  and many more will be there.  So if you want to see some of the hottest extreme action this summer and rub shoulders with the world’s best in BMX, make your way down to the Docklands Australia Day weekend.

Urban Rider Instructional with Daniel Watkins

January 23, 2009

Daniel Watkins explains all about the Urban Rider, the winch system that will do all the work at the King of Winch events series

Black Diamond Wakeboard Schools

January 23, 2009




The Black Diamond Wakeboarding Schools in both Sydney and the Gold Coast are Doing the Dew this summer!!
Black Diamond Wakeboarding Schools are the key to your progression in Wakeboarding, Wakeskating or Wakesurfing with all lessons provided by Professional wakeboarders themselves.
Kids gather from all over the country and the world to attend School Holiday Grommie Camps or just head out for Hourly Lessons or 1, 2, 3 or 5 Day Packages. Mention this website on arrival and receive 50% off a Black Diamond Team t-shirt.

To get involved or for further info call Sal on 02 4566 4511 or email

Battle for Supremacy

January 22, 2009


Where else do you get to see 20 of Australia’s top invited Skateboarders do battle to gain supremacy and the chance at $21, 500 in prize money. The event has been hand crafted by that little crafty artsman Renton Millar, one of the countries best Vert Ramp Skaters.  The Dew Jeeps will be there and some other heads jaming on the Mini & the Vert Ramps so it all going to be a fun arvo and a great get together.

The event will be held at the Monster Skatepark Indoor Street/park course on the 7th February 09  starting at around 2pm and will be certainly be a highlight event for this summer to attend. Confirmed names turning up including Jake Duncombe, Lewis Marnell, Shane O’Neill, Dane Burman and a host of other top riders full of bubbles and waiting to explode, so you if you want to get your chance at viewing this comp action from the elevated platforms you better get down there quick smart.