SbA Dew Series presented by SKATE 2 – Central Coast

December 18, 2008


Stop one of the 2008/09 SbA Dew Series landed on the Central Coast of NSW over the weekend, but anyone would have mistaken the location as Melbourne with the crazy weather that greeted us.

The signs looked ominous with torrential rain all day Friday and showers early on the morning of the event. Nevertheless kids from all over NSW made the trek to Umina to be a part of the action.

The 14’s & Under Boys started the show with some solid skating early. Crowd favorites and the youngest shredders in the division Lachlan Rivers (6 years old) & Oscar Cotterill (8 Years Old) showed you’re never too young to compete.


14’s & Under Heats Firing Up

However it was a contest between three in the end with John Jeffery travelling up from the South Coast (Moruya NSW) to edge out Bodhi King & Jamey Foxton. John’s consistency and creative lines proving the tonic for a first up win.


John Jeffery – Kick Flip – 14’s & Under Boys


14’S & Under Finalists


Jamey Foxton – Boardslide 14’s & Under Boys

17’s & Under Girls was a straight out final with 2007 National Champion Nicky Carlin again proving stiff competition taking the win from new comers Beth Whitaker & Sophie Williams. It was great to see the two new faces taking to the park and ripping into it.


17’s & Under Finalists


Nicky Carlin – 17’s & Under Girls

With the sun slowly showing its face in the afternoon, the 17’s & Under Boys Division took the level skating to new heights. Umina local Daniel Sayer showed the visitors how the park should be skated; Daniel treated everyone to a view of the local lines and had his skills on lock all day. Fellow Central Coast skaters Nathan Zahra & Hayden Gregory took out second and third respectively.


Nathan Zahra 50-50 – 17’s & Under Boys


17’s & Under Finalists

A thousand and one Mountain Dews later and with a sweltering northerly kicking up 40KM/Hour winds the 17’s & Under Sponsored Division took to the Umina Park with little regard of their bodies. A warm up session on the centre ledge had the grommets frothing for some bigger hammers.


Ryder Lawson – 17’s & Under Sponsored

Competition veterans Steve Adam, Ryder Lawson & Jeremiah Adele starting blowing up with backside 5’s, front crooks and board slides down the centre ledge. Jeremiah’s attempt at a huge frontside air over the rock garden ended with him snapping his deck and him signing off for the day.

For the first time in a long time Ryder was unable to lift the first placed winner’s trophy, he managed a 3rd placing with Jeremiah coming 2nd and Shellharbour ripper Steve Adam taking the win. Steve’s attack on the whole pack was super clean and he also managed landing everything in sight.


A huge thanks need to go out to all the young skaters that entered and travelled a long way to be involved in the event. Thanks also need to go Gosford City Council & Wyong Shire Council for their great support of skateboarding. A huge cheers also needs to go to the series sponsors that managed to make the days of many young skaters- Mountain Dew, SKATE 2, KR3W, Supra, Bern, Sabre, Kewday & Bico — Thank you.


Stay tuned for more from the Hobart Skate Park on the 10th of January.

Till then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Rhino B*tch Slap

December 17, 2008


Cheat for maximum points:

1. While the rhino runs in, move the mouse to the opposite end of the screen without entering within the game area by moving your mouse carefully around the edge of the screen
2. As soon as he goes to gore you, move the mouse into the game area.

This will give you the maximum speed possible. Timing will still be a factor though.

Rhino B*tch Slap Hints:

1. Open the browser window as wide as you can. (If you have 2 monitors this helps)
2. After hitting the play or replay button move the mouse to the far left or right of the screen, wait till the rhino runs in and starts to raise his head then swipe as fast as you can across the screen.
3. If you score over 50,000 you will have B*tch Slap mode unlocked!
This gives you 3 seconds to go slappin crazy!



December 8, 2008


This year is KR3W KASHGRAB number 5 and it’s looking like being the best KASHGRAB ever!

For more info on the format, registration and everything else visit SLAM Factory or call 02 4355 1557

SBA Summer Skate Series Finals in Sydney 07/08

December 8, 2008

Dew Designers – Eamon Donnelly

December 8, 2008


If Marty Monster and Crocodile Dundee had a love child, it would be Aussie illustrator Eamon Donnelly. Based in Melbourne Australia, Illustrator / artist Eamon uses an eclectic mix of Australian iconography with a distinctly vivid colour palette to produce incredibly detailed hand drawn pieces.  Never afraid of the cultural cringe, he evokes all that was magical about growing up in Australia in the 80s. His unique work displays the richness of Australian life when the sand was hot, the Big M girls were hotter and the only beer on tap was VB.

His clients have included Jmag, GQ , Golden Plains Music Festival, Rip Curl, Hungry Jacks and Red Bull. Eamon is also a regular in international publications Blender, ESPN, Complex, King and Radar magazines. Not limited to the page his work has appeared in various Australian exhibitions including Kid’s Today at Semi Permanent 08, Forty Thieves and No Comply. Eamon’s work also currently wallpapers the Annandale Hotel’s band room in Sydney. Internationally his work has been shown in the US at the Wurstminster Dog Show and Supertrash and in the UK at It’s Nice That! He has also been featured in EMPTY, Computer Arts, Desktop and Acclaim magazines. Keep an eye out because he’s about to launch a range of true blue products that are sure to make you want to crack open a tinnie, slap on the fluoro zinc and throw another shrimp on the barbie with the hot summer sand beneath your feet.

Dive into the Oz nostalgia at


December 8, 2008



Tim Dywelska and Simon Moody are Melbourne-based tattoo artists and designers. Tim is based at Tattoo Magic in Melbourne and like Sime, has been tattooing all sorts for 12 years. Tim and Sime both specialise in Japanese tattoo art otherwise known as irezumi. The Mountain Dew composition is a collaboration of both artists. Checkout and